June 10, 2021

The New York Times Features Phil Mitchell in a feature story about financial planning for teens

Thanks to The New York Times for talking with our own Phil Mitchell.
February 23, 2021

US News & World Report Features Phil Mitchell in their Guide to 1031 Exchanges

Thanks to US News & World Report for talking with our own Phil Mitchell.
February 19, 2021

The National Desk Talks with our own Tax Expert, Phil Mitchell

Thanks to The National Desk for talking with our own tax & invesment expert Phil Mitchell.
February 9, 2021
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WZZM on “What you need to know before filing your taxes” especially with stimulus checks

Thanks to WZZM for talking with our own Phil Mitchell on 2020 tax preparation.
December 31, 2020
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WZZM on the Second Stimulus Package

Thanks to WZZM for talking with our own Phil Mitchell on the latest stimulus package.
December 26, 2020

Phil Mitchell Interview Barron’s: Retirement Considerations for 2021

Phil Mitchell talks with Barrons about retirement considerations for 2021
July 22, 2020

Three Things to Consider in a Changing Market

The last 10 years have been smooth sailing for investors. The upward trend of the market came to a halt earlier this year but the market dropped 30% over 22 days. The market has changed and so should your investment strategy. Here are three things to consider.
March 9, 2020

Your Retirement Savings are at Risk and you have 5 Years to Fix it

On January 1, 2020 the latest revision of the Secure Act was passed at the federal level. There were many changes in this Act but there is only one that really matters and it should cause all of us to re-evaluate our retirement strategy.
August 8, 2019
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5 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

If you’re unsure if your financial advisor is a best fit for your needs ask him or her the questions below. Follow our guide to what their answers should be and if the responses are not lining up or you’re unsure of their responses feel free to sit down with an investment professional at Kroon & Mitchell for a free review.
August 8, 2019

Eight Takeaways from Tax Season for Family Business Owners

We just finished filing taxes under the largest reform in 30 years! As we reflect back on this filing we’ve compiled a list of key takeaways for family business owners. The biggest changes are: the increase of standard deductions, changes to the income tax brackets and the addition of a new qualified business income deduction.
September 11, 2018

Charitable Giving Under the New Tax Law: How to Make Your Dollars Count

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, went into effect at the start of 2018, and while you may be aware of many significant changes, have you thought about its impact to your charitable giving schedule? Kroon and Mitchell dive into charitable giving in light of the new regulations, providing you, your friends, and family members with a way to continue your charitable contributions well into 2018 and beyond.
October 19, 2018
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Grand Rapids Business Journal: New Tax Law Changes Charitable Giving Strategies

Grand Rapids Business Journal interviewed our own Phil Mitchell to get his comments on how the new tax law impacts charitable giving.
November 18, 2019

7 Impacts from the Tax Code Change with Financial Planning

Phil Mitchell was asked to share the biggest impacts from the tax reform with Financial Planning Magazine.
March 16, 2020
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Phil Mitchell talks with Shelley Irwin about Tax Filing for 2020

Thanks to Shelley Irwin for inviting Phil Mitchell to the WGVU Morning Show to discuss tax filing for 2020.
March 26, 2020

Phil Mitchell talks with Shelley Irwin on a Special Edition Panel on COVID-19

Thanks to Shelley Irwin for organizing a virtual panel to discuss the financial impacts of COVID-19.
November 13, 2020
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Grand Rapids Business Journal talks with Phil Mitchell about the CARES Act Tax Incentive

Thanks to GRBJ for talking with our own Phil Mitchell on the CARES Act 2020 Tax Incentive.