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K roon & Mitchell Asset Management has extensive knowledge and expertise in integrating tax and investments in Grand Rapids, MI. We tailor retirement planning advice to your unique needs and personal finance goals.

Managing Your Investments

Even if you haven’t invested much of your income yet, managing your investments can be as simple as evaluating your personal cash flow and income tax planning. Kroon & Mitchell's investment advisors are in the business of developing a sound strategy for your investments. We use an integrated approach to holistically review your tax, college savings, estate planning and wealth transfer, charitable giving and retirement plans.

Retirement Planning

It’s never too early to plan for retirement. We help you evaluate your retirement plans and assets to develop a future financial plan. While navigating different retirement plans can be confusing, our financial advisors at Kroon & Mitchell help make it simple.

A 401(k) is the most popular type of retirement plan. This type of retirement plan allows you to allocate a certain amount of money from each paycheck to go toward retirement. 401(k)s are categorized as defined contribution plans. This means that how much you put in and how much your employer potentially matches determine the balance.

An IRA (individual retirement account) is a retirement savings account that lets you store cash, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in one place. An IRA can be tax-free until you withdraw money during retirement.

A pension is a defined benefit plan offered by an employer that guarantees a certain monthly income during your retirement. These are less common but still involve professional planning.

If you’re in need of an investment advisor in Grand Rapids or the West Michigan area and are looking to create a sound financial plan for your investments, Kroon & Mitchell’s integrated approach can set you up for future financial success.


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