Phil Mitchell Talks Tax Day with Jennifer Moss on WGVU

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Thanks to Jennifer Moss of WGVU for talking with our own Phil Mitchell yesterday about the impact that COVID-19 is having on tax day.


It’s another case of the “new normal”. Tomorrow is April 15th.  Generally known as “tax-day”. However, the coronavirus pandemic has prompted a three-month extension.   Not only was tax-day extended, but many accounting firms had to find new ways to conduct business and navigate this tax season, due to social distancing.

“A big difference from previous years.”

Phil Mitchell is a CPA and President of Kroon & Mitchell accounting firm.  He says this tax season is best described as “non-traditional”.   As a tax expert, Mitchell and his firm have long standing relationships with many of their clients; clients that this year, they had to keep at a distance.


Watch the full episode at WGVU HERE.

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