Elizabeth St. John

Operations Manager
Industry Experience: 20+ years

B.S., Grand Valley State University
Robert Roper, CPA

With over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, Elizabeth brings her vast knowledge of operations management to Kroon & Mitchell. Elizabeth’s role is to create operational excellence that ensures a consistent, high-level experience for our clients. Elizabeth leads with a purpose and brings the values of dedication, integrity, and accountability to the team.

Elizabeth is a Grand Rapids area native with her Bachelor of Science from Grand Valley State University. She has worked with and managed other area financial advisory firms and banking centers where she has been able to employ her leadership and development skills.

During Elizabeth’s free time, she volunteers in her community advocating for at-risk communities. Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her children, singing in local music groups, and continuing her education at GVSU in order to add specialized certificates to her education.