Josh Bilisko

Investment Analyst
Industry Experience: 2+ years
B.A., Grand Valley State University
Josh Bilisko

Josh Bilisko is an investment analyst at Kroon & Mitchell. Josh focuses on investments and analytics. He prides himself on staying educated and informed about the ever-changing stock and bond markets as well as tracking macroeconomic changes.

He grew up in Grand Rapids and went to college at Grand Valley State University where he earned his degree in finance. Throughout and after his time at Grand Valley, he has had experience in taxes, trading, and research-related finance roles.

He is enrolled in the CFA program, successfully passing the CFA Level 2 exam.

Josh was drawn to Kroon & Mitchell because of the comprehensive financial services they offer to their clients.

Outside of work, his main hobby is playing guitar. He is a member of an indie rock band that plays frequently around West Michigan.